Friday, May 22, 2015

going the distance

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
earrings// Kate Spade 
lipstick// NARS, Jungle Red 
moto jacket// Paul & Joe Sisiter {similar here}
dress// vintage {similar here}
nails// Essie, Geranium 
bag// Louis Vuitton, Speedy 30
sneakers// Converse 

There is no better fashion feeling than knowing you made a good style investment. When you love a piece even more than the day you first purchased it because as the months, or even years, tick by it has always been there for you in a pinch. For me, the pieces in this post are just that. Treasured pieces that were some of the best style investments that I have ever made. 

This vintage dress that come with me on almost every trip, has been to Paris twice with me, and was there for me when I was so stressed about keeping the secret that my sister was getting engaged that I couldn't decide what to wear to the surprise engagement party. My trusty LV Speedy 30 that is coming up on being an MVP in my closet for 10 years. This très chic moto jacket that adds the perfect amount of edge to my usually ladylike looks. And, who can argue that Converse aren't some of the most classic, and most comfortable, sneakers a girl can have in her style arsenal. I bought them out of necessity the last time we were in Paris, and I have been through three pairs and countless pain-free shoe days ever since. 

As my fashion career has grown over the years, one thing has remained the same. And that is my dedication to helping women find clothing that will fit their life and last much more than a moment. Not just stylish clothes, not just the newest trend, but pieces that are good investments and will be cherished and loved for years. Pieces that will go with you on your journey and look incredible on your best day and hold you up on your worst. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

style for SALE

Sometime insomnia leads to some extra time to do some fun projects! And last night a little case of sleeplessness lead to this fun and fabulous post featuring the Nordstrom Half-Year Sale. Here you will find the pieces that I was eyeing when they were full price, and are now even more appealing up to 40% off...yum! Find a few more favorites when you scroll below. Have a fantastic day! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

parisian style school

It's pretty much universally agreed upon that Parisians are the most stylish people on the planet. Sitting at a Parisian café watching people walk by was like going to style school. I was so inspired by their easy-going yet polished way of dressing and I'm so excited to share what I learned with you. Here are six easy styling tips that I picked up while in Paris. Enjoy! 

1. Layer light with like colors. 

In Paris, it seems like every man, woman and child has mastered the art of layered-tonal dressing. Black, navy, grey and brown all mingle together to keep the Parisians ready for the changing temperatures and sudden showers. Sometimes solid neutrals can pack even more punch than a bright pattern or crazy colors. 

2. Sneakers go with EVERYTHING. 

Living in a walking city, Parisians are inclined to go for comfort when it comes to shoes. Converse All Stars were on so many stylish feet, and it almost became a game for us to count the number of Adidas Stan Smiths that walked by while we were having lunch. Every style of New Balance sneakers are a huge trend in Paris, as well as stateside this year and last. 

3. You can never go wrong with a trench. 

Whether it's thrown over your shoulders or completely belted and buttoned up, a trench coat always looks polished and effortlessly chic. Perfect for a rainy climate, like Paris, and lightweight enough for a warmer one, this classic will take you everywhere including brunch and the boardroom. It went with me almost every day while we were in Paris, and is my MVP while I'm at home as well. 

4. Fun fur is always in season. 

Even though it's May, colorful fur was everywhere in Paris. It was in the store windows, on women walking down the street and especially out to dinner. I saw blue, striped and peach fun fur mixed with everything from sneakers to OTK boots. I LOVED wearing my pink fur collar while there, and felt like I had somehow anticipated this Parisian trend. 

5. Sometimes a red lip is all the color you need. 

All over Paris, I saw women wearing incredibly simple and tonal looks with a bright red lip. That simple pop of color brought the attention to their faces while still keeping their looks simple. Sometimes a red lip is all the color you need! 

6. A Louis Vuitton Speedy is timeless. 

The Speedy 30 is one of the most popular and iconic bags in the Louis Vuitton family for over 50 years, and you would have thought that it was the new It Bag if you saw how any chic women were carrying it around the City of Light. Durable, versatile and almost waterproof, it's easy to see why this bag is so popular with Parisians and fashion lovers the world over. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

finishing touch

scarf// Hermes {similar here}
sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// NARS, Schiap
earrings// Kate Spade 
trench coat// J.CREW
shirt// Trina Turk 
shorts// J.CREW 
tights// Hue 
boots// Topshop {similar here}

Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is a finishing touch. Coco Chanel famously advised us to take one accessory off before leaving the house, and today I'm {humbly} advising the opposite. We all have our tendencies when it comes to dressing, and mine is to put on too little, not too much. So sometimes I think it's a fabulous idea to add a finishing touch before you leave the house. 

When wearing a classic and simple look like this, instant interest is added with a bright, unexpected and a little avant-garde accent. By tying this Hermes scarf in my hair, my look went from basic to stylish in a flash. In short, know your style tendencies and learn to edit yourself. Whether you tend to pile on too much or too little, try to strike that perfect balance between not wearing too much, and adding just enough. Happy styling, ladies! 

PS Sorry for the tights in May! It was 50 degrees in Paris when we shot this outfit. Tights were a MUST that day hehe. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

an american in paris

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// NARS, Jungle Red
earrings// Kate Spade 
trench coat// J.CREW
fuzzy vest// Cheeky Vintage {similar here}
skirt// Topshop {also LOVE this one!}
nails// Essie, Geranium 
boots// Topshop {similar here

If you're anything like me, as soon as you buy a plane ticket you start mentally packing your suitcase. What am I going to need? What is the weather going to be like? What is my style inspiration for this trip? These are all things that start to flutter through my head as soon as I have an upcoming trip. And let's be honest, I'm already mentally storing things away for Fashion Week this fall.

Well, just as soon as we booked our tickets to Paris, I immediately knew that this French Blue skirt and fluffy-feather vest just had to come along on our Parisian adventure. Paired with basics that I dressed down for day and up for night, this look was comfortable, yet chic and oh-so-fun to wear. Stay tuned to see what else I wore while in the City of Light!