Tuesday, February 9, 2016

new favorite// ifchic.com

I think we can all admit that we have been guilty of "stalking" an item online from time to time. Every day you find yourself back at that website, looking at the item, imagining how good it would look on you and almost taking the plunge. 

Maybe it's an incredible piece that you're simply obsessed with, maybe it's something you're hoping goes on sale, or maybe it's something you can't decide if you should pull the trigger on or not. Or maybe it's just something you have to have. 

Whatever you tend to stalk online, I'm so excited to introduce you to a website that rewards you for stalking your favorite obsessions! IFCHIC is an incredible website that allows you to earn store credit every day by simply visiting their site. You can earn up to $180 in "coins" every month and redeem them on the 24th during their #ifchic24 event

When I discovered IFCHIC, I immediately started stalking their Oliver Peoples sunglasses. I have always been a fan of Oliver's, but didn't want to spend that much on sunglasses. Well, with my IFCHIC coins, I definitely could justify the price when I cashed in my coins towards these iconic sunnies last month.

IFCHIC carries everything from sunglasses, to shoes, to incredibly cool and fashion-forward brands like Eugenia Kim, Grey Ant and Thakoon. They truly have something for everyone that loves to look modern and effortlessly chic at the same time. 

My new IFCHIC sunglasses came in just in time for New York Fashion Week, and I still cannot believe I got them at such a great price thanks to my IFCHIC coins. Stay tuned to see me sport these sunnies all over the Big Apple, and I'm already accumulating coins to spend on this striped top during the #ifchic24 event on February 24th.  

Sign up here to join in the fun and start getting IFCHIC chic with me. Enjoy! 

IFCHIC has new arrivals all the time. 

Once you create an account you can start collecting "coins" to spend on the 24th of every month.  

You can earn up to $6 in store credit every day. 

Super easy, and so fun! 

My sunglasses arrived wrapped up like a little treat. Cannot wait to wear them while at NYFW! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

red hot

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// Nars, Lana
leopard fur// Corey Lynn Calter {similar here}
chambray shirt// J.CREW 
skirt// Topshop {similar here & here}
tights// Hue 
heels// Zara {similar here & here}
Photos by the talented Lauren Anderson

Hi, friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm serving up an easy way to add red into your look without going over-the-top V-Day crazy. With a classic silhouette, and a pop of red, this look is fresh, fun and ready for Cupid's birthday. 

I'm so excited to be heading off to New York Fashion Week in just a couple of days. Be sure to follow along with my behind the scenes fashion fun on Instagram, @valerie_dittner, and on Snapchat, valerie_dittner. Have an amazing week! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

one & done

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// NARS, Greta
turtleneck// J.CREW 
moto vest// Topshop {similar here}
bag// Gucci 
skirt// vintage YSL via Cheeky Vintage {similar here}
iPhone case// iphoria
tights// Hue 
boots// Zara {similar here}
Photos by the talented Lauren Anderson

Sometimes it just takes one piece to take an outfit from average to amazing. For this look, that one piece was a colorful fur collar that I threw on last minute, and it took my look to a completely new level adding luxe and an unexpected pop of color. Black on black on black is of course classic and oh-so-chic, but sometimes we need that one extra pop to compete a look! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

starting point

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// NARS, Greta
jacket// vintage 
pin// vintage Chanel via Cheeky Vintage {similar here}
dress// 4.collective 
tights// Hue
boots// Topshop {similar here & here}
Photos by the talented Lauren Anderson. 

For me, every outfit begins with one item. A bag that will make my day easier because it can hold everything I need, a dress that I'm dying to wear, or a scarf that I desperately need to stay warm, can all singlehandedly inspire an entire outfit. 

Today's outfit started with this blue and purple dress, and came together from there. Since I'm really into tonal dressing and almost-matchy outfits lately, I then added in this lavender scarf and blue bag to create an overall cohesive look. 

Sometimes putting an outfit together is as easy as getting inspired by one piece and just going with it. So next time you're standing in your closet overwhelmed with the different directions you can go, decide on one pieces, and build your outfit from there. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

something new

sunglasses// Karen Walker 
lipstick// NARS, Lana 
turtleneck// J.CREW 
jacket// Cheeky Vintage 
jeans// H & M {similar here]
boots// Coach {similar here & here
Photos by the talented Lauren Anderson

We all have our go-to silhouettes that always flatter us. For me high-waisted dresses and skirts always work, and jackets that hit at the bottom of my hip are always flattering. But, sometimes a girl needs to mix it up and try something new, so last week I tried a new silhouette. 

Combining cropped jeans, leopard boots, this incredible vintage kimono jacket and my favorite striped turtleneck, gave me a new silhouette to play with and I think my experiment paid off. So next time you're thinking about taking a fashion leap, don't be afraid to try something new!